Edge Melt Systems™

Technology  Edge Melt Systems’ products have been engineered to achieve the highest performance level. This is proven by how effective the system is at preventing ice dams and contending with snow storms. Our decades of experience fosters our technology.

Our production process measures fabrication tolerances to four thousandths of an inch. Our heat cables have a tolerance of .010” and are backed with an industry leading ten-year limited warranty.

These tolerances are vitally important to the performance of our systems.  Improving on the original concept and avoiding the problems of earlier attempts by others, Edge Melt Systems’ products have advanced the technology, perfecting the balance between heat transfer (function) and aesthetic beauty (form).

Our roof ice prevention systems have been successfully installed throughout the country from the state of Washington to Maine. Edge Melt Systems’ products are ideal for the Midwest, New England, the Great Lakes Snow Belt, and the Mountain West.
Comprehensive Product Line  Edge Melt Systems is the only company to offer a comprehensive product line. No other manufacturer and supplier of roof ice prevention systems can compete with our offer.

   Roof Heat Panels                   
   Heat Cable                          
   Gutter Protection          
   Specialty Panels              
   Custom Designs

Real Lower Cost  IceBlaster & VersaScreen are very competitively priced. But the real advantage is the reduced installation cost because our products are engineered to be the smartest, simplest, and fastest system to install. Additionally, with our flexible components, left over materials can be used on the next job leading to little or no waste.  Allowing the contractor to purchase and stock inventory provides greater flexibility over competing systems.

This means you can make real time changes and not face long delays awaiting new material to be shipped to you.  What is an ice dam?  ·->An ice dam is a ridge of ice that causes water to be trapped behind it. This results in water being forced into areas that your roof and gutter system was not designed to handle.  Ice dams form at roof edges whether you have gutters or not. Gutters are not the cause of ice dams. Melted snow and below freezing temperatures at the roof edge are the primary cause of ice dams. 

Ice dams form in valleys (generally near the bottom or exit of the valley) due to snow compression, heavy drifting and obstructions. Valleys concentrate the amount of water present because they collect water from larger areas above them.  -> Ice dams can form anywhere melted snow can refreeze.  -> Icicles usually indicate an ice dam formation has occurred. 

 Ice dams are the result of snow melted by: Heat loss from the conditioned area of the home or business into the attic cavity which warms the roof from underneath. 
Inadequate levels of insulation allowing conducted heat to transfer into the roof structure.

Temperatures fluctuating above and below freezing.  -> Solar gain – the roof surface being warmed by the sun even though temps are below freezing. This can occur even at temperatures below 10F.
Poor or non-existent ventilation. 
Roof ventilation that is covered by snow will not allow trapped warm air to escape. Also, the process of the snow melting from around ridge ventilation creates meltwater which can lead to ice dam formation.

This is only a sampling of the technologies we have to help with your Ice Dam Issues. Lets look at some before and after images: